The Queen Bee range of Beespoke Books offers books written and illustrated from scratch specifically for your child.

I will liaise closely with you to create a story that reflects your child’s likes, dislikes and interests. I can include friends and/or family members and set the story at school, in space, under the sea wherever you want. I can also address any issues that your child may be struggling with, such as a change in family circumstances, disability, illness, bereavement, bullying or I can create a book that celebrates your child’s achievements or commemorates a special event.

Once you are happy that we have the right ingredients for your child’s Beespoke book, I will write the story then submit it to you as a PDF document for your approval before passing it to Martin for illustrations.

Below are examples of Queen Bee books that I have written for close friends and family and these are available to buy from Although the copyright will remain with me, any book written for your child would be yours and would not be used by me for any purpose without your express permission. Please see the Terms and Conditions for full details.

Queen Bee Beespoke Books start at £149.99 and each of the samples below reflect the content you can expect for that price. Included in the price are two copies of your child’s book, one in a presentation gift box. Additional copies may be ordered at a cost of £9.99 each.


Janie x

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Joel on a zip wire between lighthouse and castle


Written for my stepson, Joel, when he was 6

Prince Joel spends a year eating custard creams and opening presents from the people who live in his mum and dad’s kingdoms. As the people get poorer and more resentful the presents that they are magically compelled to bring become less and less desirable.  

When his next real birthday arrives, Prince Joel asks to undo his wish. His Fairy Godmother tells him that he must complete three tasks to help with the unwishing and allows him to believe that she has granted his wish for courage. Prince Joel has to swim to the lighthouse, get past the big dog then travel down the zip wire back to the beach - all things that real life Joel found daunting at that time.

Once he has successfully landed, his Fairy Godmother reveals that although she said he could wish for courage she didn’t say she had granted that wish and, in fact, he had found the strength to face his fears by believing that he could.


Written for a friend. Suitable for ages 3 to 6 years.

Jaime doesn’t want to play with her little sister. Instead she visits her Queen and they do outrageously exciting things. Gradually, with a bit of encouragement from Mummy, Jaime begins to spend less time in her fantasy world and more time engaging with her sister.

Publication details

Cover: Glossy

Paperback: ?? pages

Colour Illustrations: 6

Dimensions: 11.4cm x 17.7cm

Publication details

Cover: Glossy

Paperback: ?? pages

Colour Illustrations: 6

Dimensions: 13.5cm x 19.7cm

Publication details

Cover: Glossy

Paperback: ?? pages

Colour Illustrations: 8

Dimensions: 21.6cm x 21.6cm


Written for my stepdaughter, Gemma, when she was 11

When Gemma was little she had always wanted to be a mermaid. She had asked for a necklace of salt water pearls to help the transformation and had been very disappointed when she was given freshwater pearls. She is sitting by Oulton Broad remembering this and smiling at how silly she had been when a mermaid pops her head out of the water.

Now it’s up to Gemma to find the Orb of Tethys and return it to the mer village before it crumbles into ruins and the merpeople are forced to leave Outlon Broad forever.