This story includes the following information about your child:


The story assumes that the primary caregiver is female and the secondary caregiver is male. This can be changed to fit your circumstances at a cost of £1.50 per change. (ie deleting or changing the gender of one caregiver would cost £1.50 whereas swapping the genders would cost £3.)

We assume someone in your child’s household wears black socks. As these are integral to the story and feature extensively in the illustrations, this element cannot be changed.

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A Tale of Two Socksies

Where has Daddy’s sock gone?

Mummy and your child hero make a sock puppet - Toebee Toewarmer - with the odd sock . After playing for a while your child and Toebee snuggle up in bed.

Overnight your child visits Sockland and finds Toebee’s twin, Toeknee, living contentedly with the other socks.


This is a gentle and fun story that touches on issues of separation and places your child in the comforting position of being able to reassure each sock that the other is happy.

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Publication details

Cover: Glossy

Colour Illustrations: 14

Paperback: 20 pages

Dimensions: 21.6cm x 21.6cm

The cover of A Tale of Two Socksies showing a cartoon style illustration of a wasing machine spitting out socks 07813 201155

Sock puppet kit

ONLY £2.50