This story includes the following information about your child:   


The story assumes that your child makes fairly regular visits to a local park with a playground that includes swings.

*The story assumes that your child goes to school with boys. If this is not the case, then another environment where your child would see the Meanies on a regular basis can be substituted at a cost of £1.50.

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Publication details

Cover: Glossy

Colour illustrations: 9

Paperback: 22 pages

Dimensions: 13.5cm x 19.7cm

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Book cover with comic book wasp villain and bee hero with bumble be nest under wasp attack

Bee Boy/Girl and the Meanies

 During a trip to the park, your child hero tries to swat a bee

thinking it is wasp. Shaken, but unharmed, the bee introduces

     herself and explains the differences between bees and wasps –     wasps will sting to get what they want whereas bees sting to           protect their friends.  

    Back in the park, your child sees two mean boys with something in a    box.  It is the bee. Having confronted the Meanies, your child is now   taunted with the name Bee Boy/Girl. However, the bee has been freed  and a little boy, who has been watching from a safe distance, is

impressed by your child’s bravery. They go off to play together.

        On a third occasion, your child sees the Meanies bullying the little boy

     who is trying to stand up for himself. With help from the bees, your sees      off the Meanies and embraces the name Bee Boy/Girl as their superhero alter     ego.

  The story takes a gentle look at bullying, giving your child the perspective of an onlooker and intervener not victim, whilst taking the opportunity to provide some facts about bees and wasps. The central message is that it’s always best to ignore meanies and stay out of their way but sometimes you have to stand up to them to protect yourself or your friends.

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Book cover with comic book wasp villain and bee hero and bumble bee nest under wasp attack